Welcome to our website, we are both so happy to finally have all our design work and products in one place online!

Let us quickly introduce ourselves, we are Lydia and Alex, high school sweethearts, partners in crime and design buddies. For 6 years we both have wanted to create something that we both can pour our hearts into and this is THAT! Every time we scroll on Instagram or Pinterest we feel so inspired to create something that can give others joy and happiness. Designing, painting, printing and making is something we both share a crazy amount of interest in so that's why we're here.

A few years ago Alex started a little business called 'Graphics on Alex' with a paper plane for the logo. He sold prints, postcards, greeting cards and crazy handmade envelopes with bold and colourful wax seals wrapped with twine and everything could be personalised. After a year, we had been commissioned to make a few sets of wedding invitations for family, friends, mutual friends etc and we really loved it. We both thought "let's give this a go and see what happens!" We changed the business name and started focusing on wedding stationery exclusively and got designing and printing. After lots of hard work, here we are and we couldn't be happier. Alex insisted we keep the paper plane in our logo, did you spot it?

Thank you for the support,

Lydia & Alex


August 11, 2020 by Alex Michie

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