What a whirlwind year this has been so far, 2 family holidays, a wedding and numerous outings all cancelled. It’s not often that you get time to sit back and recap who and where you’ve visited for the year, and in this case what you had planned to do and see to then never actually do any of those things. Like so many others this year we have had to cancel all holidays, events and plans that were a minimum of 1ft outside of the doorstep. For some this may have been an easy task but for others still fighting for refunds, exchanges or date changes - we salute you!

Time away with family 

Alex and I have been so lucky to join our family on an impromptu getaway up to the coast of Norfolk for some much need time away from the same interior we have been loitering in for the past 4 months. After a tedious 3 hour journey it was so refreshing to feel the sea breeze, something we haven’t experienced since pre-lockdown. We stayed at Caley Hall which is the loveliest hotel situated in Hunstanton. The rooms were bright and airy and provided a great home away from home. The staff were extremely friendly and were all handling the covid regulations perfectly and were in such good spirits considering.
  We spent our days visiting the local market villages of Wells, Burnham and Thornham where we probably stopped for coffee in each one! We also happened to pass the Dalegate market which held pop-up stalls, and craft stores. Naturally we had a nosey and came across some gorgeous pottery and the sweetest bone china jewellery. On our last day we decided to go to Norfolk Lavender, somewhere I had wanted to visit since passing it the first day we drove up. It is definitely worth the visit, garden walks, lavender tours, cafe, farm shop, petting zoo and most importantly a gift shop. This place had something for everyone, of course I just wanted to take pretty pictures and bring back some inspiration with me.


 For the short time spent away with family it felt like a snippet of what life used to be before lockdown and a great reminder of how things will be once life returns to normal. It gave us both a sense of relief that things won’t be like this forever and that once life returns we must make the most of it. Visit the places we’ve been ogling over for years, see the friends we don’t get to see often and spend time with family if only for the day. We hope all of you out there have been lucky enough to visit family and friends through these tough times and lean on each other for comfort, support or just for a good old laugh.
- Lydia 
August 21, 2020 by Lydia Pearmain

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